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About Us

TAG - Technical Analysis Group, formerly of Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan, was formed to provide exclusive authentic, selective, and real-time technical analysis. We construct our analysis using a wide range of tools including Gann / Astro, Fibonacci, The Wave Principle, Socioeconomic / Sentiment and many traditional technical indicators. Our core objective is to provide consistent, tradable / actionable and thoughtful advice on establishing optimal risk / reward positions and managing them effectively, enhancing “TAGger’s” = the ‘Risk Takers’ decision-making process.

TAG’s clientele includes many of the largest and still longest standing Hedge Funds, Real Money Asset Managers, (select) Financial Institutions, Corporations, Private Equity Funds, and some High Net Worth Individuals / Home Offfices. We take pride in the quality of our client base and work closely with TAGgers as partners and friends.


•Andrew Baptiste: With 40 years of market experience as a technical analyst, Andrew is TAG’s owner / operator / Senior Analyst, He began his career on the CME / IMM where he traded FX / Equities / Rates, and also owned / operated "3-D Technicals", an early days Technical Analysis service for C.M.E. floor traders. He subsequently joined J.P. Morgan where served as a Senior Technical Analyst from 1985 to 1999. Andrew then joined Morgan Stanley where he was Chief Technical Analyst from 1999 to 2012 before leaving to form the Technical Analysis Group (2012 start).


•Maciej Stypik Brings 17 years of financial industry experience including several years as a senior analyst at the Morgan Stanley headquarters’ in NYC. Utilizing a combination of strategic and tactical computation-based strategies, Maciej's approach is designed to optimize the risk / reward profile for the micro, near, medium, and longer term time frames. These proprietary strategies are designed not only for short term traders, but also for active and passive managers. Maciej has earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Illinois State University leading  him to his first work experience in electrical engineering, which laid the foundation for his transition to finance. Currently, his focus on research continues in an ongoing effort to evolve and to enhance our  risk management strategies.

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Detach from the outcome ~  Relinquish your rigid attachment to a specific result and live in the wisdom of uncertainty. Attachment is based on fear and insecurity, while detachment is based on the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self. Intend for everything to work out as it should, then let go and allow opportunities and openings to come your way.
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